About DynaTouch

Your Kiosk Partners

QueueKiosk™ and Q’ssentials™ are some of many self-service solutions provided by DynaTouch. As pioneers of the industry, we have been designing, developing, and implementing kiosk solutions for over 35 years.

What We Do

DynaTouch is an IT Solutions company specializing in self-service solutions using kiosks, public access workstations, digital displays, mobile devices, and other interactive technologies.

In addition to QueueKiosk and Q’ssentials, we offer a variety of kiosk solutions to optimize document handling, bill payment, customer feedback, and more. We leverage extensive experience and cutting edge technologies to help our customers reduce costs and drive operational efficiency, while at the same time extending and enhancing contactless self-service to their end customers. All DynaTouch solutions are powered by TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software, our industry leading platform for creating, deploying, managing, and maintaining self-service device networks enterprise-wide.

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