Queue Management Hardware

Touch Screen Kiosks & Digital Signage for Queuing

Our floor standing and countertop kiosk hardware options pair perfectly with your QueueKiosk™ solution. Or, go without a kiosk and choose Q’ssentials™. Both solutions can come equipped with a configurable Wall-Mounted Status Board.

Kiosk Hardware Options

In our years of experience in the self-service industry, we’ve identified the hardware that works best for queue management. Choose from one of our recommended options or talk to a representative today about other available hardware.
Queue Management Kiosk Hardware - Standard Floor Standing QueueKiosk™ Option

Standard Floor Standing

19″ Monitor
54″H x 21″W x 18″D

Queue Management Kiosk Hardware - Economy Floor Standing QueueKiosk™ Option

Economy Floor Standing

19″ Monitor
48″H x 22″W x 21″D (excludes sign)

Queue Management Kiosk Hardware - Countertop QueueKiosk Option


19″ Monitor

Status Boards / Wall-Mounted Digital Signage

Status Boards / Wall-Mounted Digital Signage

QueueKiosk solutions work well with a Status Board, which is digital signage that lists customers in the queue. Your customers can rest assured that their check-in process went smoothly when they see their name appear on the waiting list. The monitor also accommodates an area to display one of the following, configurable via the admin dashboard:
  • A “Now Serving” list with customizable messages for each customer letting them know where to report
  • A News Scroller to relay important messages and news to your customers
  • Average wait times for your facility based on a given period

Get started managing your customer flow today

We’re confident our virtual queuing technology will dramatically improve your customer experience. Contact us today for a no-obligation QueueKiosk and Q’ssentials price quote and consultation!